About Us

Like most if not all businesses ours has started with an idea born out of necessity. Learn more about our beginnings and story to date.

Rules and Protocols


  • You are using the facility at your own risk
  • Stay within your assigned bay unless exiting the building or using washroom facilities
  • Civil conduct is required at all times
  • We are not responsible for lost, stolen, forgotten or damaged personal property
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time and leave the bay 5 minutes before the booking period is over
  • While using the bay, you must have your own golf clubs and balls
  • Only clean shoes are permitted. No metal spikes are allowed
  • Maximum number of people per bay is 2. Maximum number of people in the private room is 6
  • Maximum allowances may change, dependent upon any government restrictions in effect
  • Security cameras are recording 24/7

Affordable Memberships

Both our regular prices and special memberships cost significantly less, up to 60% lower than the other similar golf facilities.

Seniors and juniors benefit the most from the reduced costs and the kids under 12 can get free instruction on Saturday mornings. So check us out, buy a membership or book a time on line or by phone.