About Us

Like most if not all businesses ours has started with an idea born out of necessity. Learn more about our beginnings and story to date.

Our Story

The long Ontario winters forbid most golfers to play and practice their beloved game and the only few who can enjoy the “snow birds “ status benefit and take advantage of the Southern sunshine. What about the rest of us who must work or simply cannot afford more than 2 or 3 weeks for a Florida vacation?

We, the majority, also love to practice and play not just those 3 weeks but every week of the 5 or 6 winter months. Of course there are a number of indoor practice facilities, most offering very nice practice conditions and a good selection of foods and drinks but very few if any offer what I consider reasonable prices.

So after investigating the technical possibilities we created the current concept where the hot food and alcoholic drinks are left out together with the noise of the restaurant/bar atmosphere and put the emphasis on practice, play and instruction.

Rules and Protocols

  • You are using the facility at your own risk, you are responsible for all damages to the equipment and premises
  • Stay within your assigned bay, use increased attention while entering exiting the bays or using washroom facilities
  • Civil conduct is required at all times
  • We are not responsible for lost, stolen, forgotten or damaged personal property
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time and leave the bay 5 minutes before the booking period is over
  • You are using your own golf clubs, tees and balls. We do sell balls, tees, gloves and rent golf clubs if needed
  • Only clean shoes are permitted, please change shoes in the lobby. No metal spikes are allowed
  • NO outside food or beverages is permitted unless approved by the Management
  • Security cameras are recording 24/7