Whether you are looking for a series or just a single lesson, our experienced instructors are here to help you learn and grow your golf game while having fun.

Golf Lessons

We offer complete golf instruction by experienced personnel. You can improve all aspects of your game and see the results as you progress. We cover not just the mechanical / technical parts of the game but also the body health and mental approach. Meet our team of instructors and book a single lesson or a series package.


Ioan (Johan) Cherciu


Meet the Coach

IOAN (Johan) CHERCIU boasts over 40 years of experience in the golf industry. As a former Canadian and PGA Tour caddie, Johan has acquired insights from notable golfers such as Kelly Murray, Dick Zokol, Jim Rutledge, David Graham, Garry McCord, Gene Litler, Mark Wiebe, and Phil Blackmar. With a fundamental approach to teaching the golf swing, Johan caters to novice golfers while offering expert guidance to advanced players looking to refine their skills. His extensive experience also extends to the mental aspect of the game, assisting players with course strategy and scoring. Johan emphasizes the importance of proper instruction, often noting, “Golf is the only game with more instructors than students”,  and encourages players to invest in lessons to maximize the effectiveness of their equipment. “People will often buy a $1,000 driver, but not spend $50 on a lesson to know how to use it properly!”

Lesson Pricing

All lessons MUST be booked via phone or in person. Upon booking, full prepayment is required by cash or debit/credit card, along with your name, phone number, and email address. A minimum 24-hour cancellation policy is enforced; failure to show up for your lesson will result in forfeiture.

Lesson Pricing

  1. Single lesson 25 minutes – $65 + HST
  2. Single lesson 55 minutes – $95 + HST
  3. Series of 5 lessons x 25 minutes – $300 + HST 
  4. Series of 5 lessons x 55 minutes – $425 + HST  **Students who purchase series of lessons will benefit of 50% savings when they buy a punch card (cost $12.29+HST per hour of practice)
  5. Punch Card Lessons – $395 + HST. When you purchase a 12-hour punch card, you’ll receive a 10-15 minute instruction session each time you use it, ideal for dedicated golfers. This allows for longer periods of monitoring, helping you achieve progress faster.
  6. Week Long Lesson Package – $350 + HST. 5 x 1-hour lessons at our indoor academy and an outdoor 9 hole round with the instructor. We cover all basics of the golf swing in the 5 x 1-hour lessons and play a practice round on Saturday. *Includes your 9 hole green fee at Brookfield or Foxwood Golf Course. Valid only during the summer season (April 15th – October 14th)